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Templating Your Boat

Some boats require HydroDeck to create a new template.  It's not hard, but it requires a little assistance from you.

Our "How to Template Your Boat" video shows this process.  (see video)

Here is a quick overview of How to Template Your Boat.

This is How it Works...

Supplies Needed
Clear Plastic Film - supplied Mylar from HydroDeck
Masking Tape, Sharpie Pen, Scissors

Cover Area with Clear Plastic Film
Cover area that is to be templated with the plastic film (extra is better), it is ok to use multiple pieces of clear plastic to make one large piece (just overlap & tape them together).

After covering all areas, tape the clear plastic securely to the boat (we don't want it to move around).

Drawing the Template
Using a Sharpie, draw/trace on the clear film, the outside edge of where you want the flooring to go.
Take your time, trace all pieces - latches, hinges, holes, ladders etc.

IT'S EASY, we promise - You don't have to be an artist.
We have awesome software to digitize and redraw your template perfect.

It's even ok to make mistakes, just make some notes on the clear plastic so we can correct them for you.

Description Notes on Template
Please give us notes written on your template describing notable areas (the more, the better).
Mulitple pieces of clear plastic to cover a large area - Draw a X on the overlapping sections (more Xs is better).

Circles are hard to draw, it's ok do the best you can - write a measurement of the hole size.

Arrows pointing to front of boat.

Label Template Sections
Label Template Sections and location on your boat.

Examples:  Starboard side, Port side, Bow, Stern, Swim Platform, Drivers Seat, Cooler, Cleat, Etc.

Logo Here - exactly where you want it placed.

Take Photos
Please take photos before you remove the clear plastic, just in case we have any questions.

Remove Template
Gently remove template from your boat and roll it up loosely for shipping.

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