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HydroDeck Marine Flooring

Quality and Service

High Quality Closed Cell Marine Flooring


Hydrodeck is a closed cell PE UV protected non-absorbent foam, backed with 3M™ acrylic based high-bond pressure marine adhesive. We feel that we have the best product on the market to meet the consumer’s demands of comfort, durability, and stain resistance. To put it simply, once you go Hydrodeck, you’ll never go back!

Hydrodeck comes in an array of colors, styles and textures. We can customize your floor with your logo, picture, saying or what ever floats your boat! The most popular option is teak lines in Teak/Black. We currently offer a large variety of colors with Grey/Black and Teak/Black being the most popular combinations.

Advantages of Hydrodeck:

  • easy to install
  • available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and colors
  • replaces the need for molded non-skid
  • customizable
  • stain resistant
  • exceptional traction even when wet
  • unparalleled comfort when standing, walking or leaning on boat surfaces
  • shock absorption, which decreases fatigue
  • protection for boat surfaces against scratches, chips and dents
  • noise reduction characteristics – ideal for fishermen and speed boats
  • individual pieces are easily replacable.

Our Services:

  • Digital Laser Templating
  • 3D Modeling for precision manufacturing requirements
  • Customized tooling profiles for logos and designs
  • Variety of multi-colored materials
  • Installation Options

Most Importantly:

Hydrodeck is sold by an American Company

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